AX1 Security & Home Automation System

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GSM Module
  • AX1 GSM Module communicates with AX1 security system instantly through SMS.
  • It reports your panel events and controls the security system from your home or business with any cell phones.

8-Zones Expander
  • Each Zone Expander has 8 zones and maximum of 3 pieces can be added to the system.

8-Input/Output Expander
  • 8-Input/Output Expander is a module to enable automation function.
  • It could expand to 32 automation points (8 points on each expander, thus, maximum 4 pieces can be added to the system).

High Current Relay Module
  • This module allows air-conditioner to send status feedback to your system and being controlled, as well.

2-Gang Switch Module
  • This module allows your home mechanical switches to send status feedback to your system.

Telephone Voice Module
  • Voice Module can be activated by plugging in the Voice Card into the VOICE Connector on the mainboard.
  • It is automatically recognized when the system is powered ON with voice card plugged in.

E2Key Module
  • E2key can be recognized by system automatically during system start up.
  • System will then detect E2key whether it is in Read or Write Mode.
  • System will send data from Main Board to E2key when it isin Read Mode.
  • If E2key is in Write Mode, main board will read the data in E2key and update system data.
  • This function is very useful if a large quantity of main boards needs to be set with the same configuration.

Back Up Battery

LCD Keypad Voice Speaker
  • Optional for LCD Keypad.